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Monday 01 July 2019

A new all-ladies team of financial planners is set to launch next month.

CLAASS Financial Planning was set up by all-female team Sara Walker, Claire Adams and Sarah Keeble and will be based in Fareham.

Their goal is to educate individuals about pensions and investments and to make financial planning support available to everyone, no matter how small or large their assets.

Another aim is to tackle transparent and fair pricing and will offer their services to not only the older end of the market, but also the young savers that are considering their future.

Sara Walker said: ‘Many financial planners focus on the retirement end of the market, of individuals approaching retirement, or in retirement. We know this is key and we serve this market too. However, the younger end of the market must not lose out. It is small steps, early on, that help to ensure financial security in later years, and a meaningful legacy for the next generation.’

The ladies at CLAASS Financial Planning will hold their launch party in new offices at Funtley Court, Fareham, inviting along clients, others within the financial industry, as well as the friends who have supported their journey. 

The name CLAASS is an acronym of their names. 

The collaboration has been planned for many months, with all three believing there must be a better way for accessing financial planning.

Co-founder Sarah Keeble said: ‘I am thrilled to be a part of this new venture and very excited about the future of CLAASS Financial Planning – for us and all of our clients.’

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